6 Modern Rules of Custom Cone Sleeves That You Must Follow to Succeed

Do you want to make innovative cone sleeves for your brand growth or best marketing? Then, they must try custom cone sleeves that come up with catchy customized and personalized packaging solutions for better customer experiences. Due to this, every ice-cream seller needs to pay attention to finding the quality and high-grade cone sleeves. So, if you run your ice cream kiosk and still use magazine paper cone sleeves, pick custom cone sleeves to improve your brand sales and reputation. So, this article explains the six modern tips to make perfect and catchy ice cream cones for your brand.   

Quality Paper of Cone Sleeves to Resist Moisture 

The crucial thing for waffle cones is to wrap them in secure and protective custom cone sleeves. On this subject, you must pick a quality paper with polythene lining to protect your waffle cones from damaging and melting. Such polythene linings create a hurdle for moisture from falling on the floor. Thus, the packaging brand offers cardboard, kraft, and aluminum films to make perfect ice cream cone sleeves. 

Use of Quality Ink Toners for Printed Waffle Cones Jacket 

Magazine paper-made ice cream cones do not look fabulous; thus, using printed waffle cone sleeves works best to make your product appear to outclass. But the use of ink-toners for printed cone sleeves must be good and excellent in quality. On this subject, your cone sleeve packaging supplier needs to use FDA-approved ink-toners to reduce the risk of human life. Quality ink toners are not removed and scratch easily with moisture and humidity. 

Go for Accurate Size of Ice cream Cones Covers

Now it's time to pick the accurate size of ice cream cone covers. Some brands make a mistake and choose the wrong size of ice cream cone sleeves due to saving money, but it makes a reason for major loss in the future. When a brand uses a low-quality cone of the wrong size, it cannot be able to hold your waffle cones and create a mess that is irritating for customers, and they don't want to experience the same things again. Better user experience is highly influencing the customers buying decisions. Here is the list of some sizes of ice cream cone sleeves wrappers that packaging suppliers offer for you. 

  • Ultra mini size cone sleeves- 130mm
  • Micro mini size cover – 133mm 
  • Micro size cone sleeves 136mm 
  • Mini cone sleeves- 140mm 
  • Standard size scone sleeve -150mm
  • Jumbo size cone sleeves-165mm 

Place Your Logo and Brand Name in the Right Place

Place logo and brand name in the right place are mandatory to make your ice cream wrappers informative and branded for customers. A meaningful logo conveys a brand message and makes the product distinctive for your customers. 

However, brands use word-based, letter-based, mascot, abstract and pictorial logos to represent their brand ideology. So, you create any creative and customized logo for your ice cream cone wrappers wholesale with the help of expert packaging designers. Also, if you choose a word-based and text-based logo, you must go for the quirky and custom font style for your product packaging.

Think Out-of-the-Box to Design Your Cone Sleeve Cover 

Application of creative and appealing design for your cone sleeve covers is a major need to make your product spellbinding. Therefore, your packaging designers need to break the limitation wall and make an imaginative or quirky cone sleeve for your customers. In this regard, you can use multiple design patterns on your ice cream cones. 

  • A vintage gold look of paper cones 
  • Intricate lines 
  • Heart shape design patterns 
  • Gingham design patterns 
  • Polka dot design patterns 
  • Slant lines with bright color 

Go for a Fully-cover Ice cream Cone Sleeve with Lid for Waffle Cone 

Well-established brands serve customers in multiple cities; thus, they need to deliver their products to versatile retailers. On this subject, the use of a sealed ice cream cone with a lid is best to protect your item and maintain its freshness for customers. Add to this; you can place brand name, logo, and artwork to make them branded for your customers. The biggest example of such kind of waffle cones is Walls Cornetto, which is popular among the customers. 

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Wrapping up Discussed Rules 

The above detail explains the six modern rules to make catchy custom cone sleeves. Thus, you need to use quality paper, accurate size, and place the right information on the cone sleeve to deliver the brand message that helps you in powerful product marketing. Add to this; you need to think out of the box to make distinctive graphics for your cone sleeves that make your product stand out in the industry. Also, you may use a fully covered waffle cone sleeve for your yummy ice creams.