6 Tips to Make Perfect Custom Printed Cone Sleeves

Want to make your strong place in the industry? Then must go for custom ice cream cone sleeves. So, read this article for more info. 

Every ice cream seller is conscious of how they present their product in front of target customers. Ice cream cones are a delicate food item that instantly melts and falls down, irritating. On this subject, brands use catchy tactics and customized food packaging solutions to wrap your ice cream cone. The use of custom cone sleeves offers you to pick all aspects of packaging as per your choice. 

Why Do You need to Choose Printed Cones Sleeves? You must know why printed cone sleeves are the best option for your brand growth. Custom cone sleeves with printing options help you to make your place in the industry. Plus, cone sleeves hold your ice cream strongly and make it convenient for customers to use. Also, it has information regarding products and brands that offer authentication of your products. Moreover, ice cream cone sleeves with logos make your products branded and more trustworthy for your customers. Let's see the tips you need to follow if you want sublime custom cone sleeves. 

Use Quality Paper for Printed Cone Sleeves

The first tip is to use quality and heavy-duty paper that has polythene linings to create resistance to moisture. Also, you can choose the thickness of the waffle cone jacket material as per your demand. Plus, always choose an eco-friendly solution to make fabulous cone sleeves. Cardboard, Kraft, and buckboard material are best for making durable ice cream cone sleeves. All materials are biodegradable, recyclable, and sustainable for our environment. 

Print Brand Logo for Authentication 

No one imagines printed cone covers without any logo. Some brands use a label with a brand name and logo on their simple ice cream cone sleeves to make our product branded. On this subject, you just need to place the logo, brand information, and product specification on your cone sleeves for customer awareness. You can print the enlisting chunks on your ice cream covers. 

  • Brand name 
  • Logo 
  • Ingredients 
  • Flavor 
  • Quantity 
  • Barcodes 
  • QR scan code 

Moreover, you need to pick creative and innovative font styles or logos to represent your brand. You go for abstract logo, mascot logo, symbolic logo, wordmark logo, text-based logo, and pictorial logo that look unique or catchy. Also, your logo must be meaningful that you print on your ice cream cone covers to deliver your brand message. 


Go for a Unique Font Style for Cone Sleeves When you talk about printing text on the ice cream packaging either for a logo or other info, you need to pick a licensed and custom font style. Using a unique and custom font style to place your text on your ice cream paper cone sleeves help you to create your distinctive place in the industry and customers' minds. You choose to create fun style fonts, serif, and san serif font styles according to your motive or need. 

Add to this, don't use too many font style sizes for your cone sleeve. It looks pathetic and reduces the quality of your products. Use two or more three font styles according to the need of text that you want to place on your cone sleeves. For instance, you cannot use the same font style for brand name and other little details. 

Print Catchy Designs on your Cone Sleeves 

Must choose unique and entrancing designs for waffle cones sleeves. Use catchy and chic designs that look fabulous to make your place in the industry. Ask your packaging designers to create out-of-the-box and fetching designs for spellbinding ice cream cone wrappers. Some popular design patterns are mentioned below that you can use for ice cream cone sleeves. 

  • Summer strips
  • 3D graphics 
  • Mascots and cartoon 
  • Intricate lines 
  • Polka dots 
  • Abstract design 
  • Water waves 
  • Red juicy effect 
  • Nuts printing 
  • Flavor printing 
  • Symmetrical designs 
  • Choose Advanced Printing Options 

Fill life in your ice cream cone sleeves using advanced printing types and functions. Also, choose catchy colors with CMYK and PMS color models that click in the customer's eyes. Thus, you can use foil stamping, embossing, debossing, UV coatings, and other advanced printing option for printed cone sleeves. 

In the End

So, the discussion speaks about the tips to fabricate perfect-looking custom cone sleeves for your brand. Moreover, you need to use quality paper stock, printing options, information, logo, and alluring designs to make lovely cone sleeves. Also, must go for advanced printing options to make them perfect ice cream cones. Now it is your time to create perfect and worthy cone sleeves to serve your customers.