7 Reasons Why Custom White Boxes Still Rule In the Industry?

White color is considered a symbol of peace, and it is suitable to wrap all kinds of products. On this subject, plenty of things are produced in the industry that packs in white packaging. Nowadays, brands find novelty and use advanced packaging solutions, but still, some companies use custom white boxes with outstanding creativity. This article described the reasons and features of white packaging with a customized solution that makes the most graceful and eminence for wrapping products. 

Build Brand Awareness among Customers

White boxes with a logo are the perfect way to provide your brand identity with a minimal approach. The text printed on the box make a source to deliver brand information and product specification that are waited inside the box for consumers. In this regard, you must print the enlisting information on your custom white box with catchy color ink-toners. 

  • Brand name 
  • Logo 
  • Expiry date 
  • MFG date 
  • Product Name 
  • Flavor 
  • Quantity 
  • Taglines 
  • Bar codes and QR scan code

Confirm all the information when creating your white box template and mockup to prevent errors and mistakes. 

Availability of Custom sizes of White Boxes 

Countless products are available in various sizes. However, such boxes are best for packing food, edibles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other retail items. Moreover, brands use custom white boxes for subscription packaging and gifts. At that time, the need for sizes varies in product and quantity ranges. So, packaging brands offer white cardboard gift boxes in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Plus, they offer to pick the custom height, width, and length of your white cartons. 

Make Your Product Standout in the Industry 

As we mentioned, product manufacturers use colorful and complex design packaging boxes to pack their items. It looks pathetic and overcrowded when placed on the market shelf. Plus, it is difficult for the customers to identify the product of the desired brand. 

At that time, the use of a white packaging box with colorful text made your product recognizable on the congested market shelf. Moreover, white packaging boxes with black text are also attractive to turn customers' heads toward your product. 

Option to Choose Eco-friendly Solution 

Packaging supplier offers multiple material options to promote a green and sustainable environment. They offer cardboard, Kraft, bux-board, rigid and corrugated material to generate the enacting and valuable white cardboard boxes for your product packaging. Well, brands choose the thickness of cardstock that fits your budget. All mentioned cardstock are biodegradable, recyclable, and decomposable for a sustainable environment. 

Use of Foil Stamping Make Them Decent 

Annexation of foil stamping wealth is cold and hot is the best option to give an opulent and titillating look to your white boxes. Multiple shades of metallic foils are famous in the industry for giving new life to your white cartons. Brands choose the desired color of foiling and use it with merging, embossing, and debossing on your white cases. Some shades of foil stamping are enlisted below for you. 

  • Gold 
  • Silver 
  • Rose gold 
  • Turquoise 
  • Burgundy
  • Gunmetal 
  • Copper 
  • Bronze 
  • Soft pink  

Rigid White Boxes Are Best To Give Decent Look 

If you want to give a luxury look to your white gift boxes, using rigid material is perfect for your precious items. Add to this; rigid-made white gift boxes are stunning to give an opulent look to your prestigious items. So, increase the worth of your items and make them special for your customers by using white rigid boxes. 

Option to Create Any Custom Shape and Styles 

Last but not least white cases are available in multiple shapes and dimensions to fulfill the need for versatile items. So, give a unique touch to your products with creative and secure functional dimensions of the white packaging. White cardboard boxes with lids are an awesome selection to pack candles, gifts, ornaments, and subscriptions to provide better unboxing experiences. Also, sleeve boxes, gable boxes, auto-lock, bookend boxes, top closure, bottom closure, trays, and flip-top white boxes style fascinating to grab your customer's attention. However, hexagonal, octagon, pillow, and diamond shapes make your white packaging classical and charming. 

Ending Up Thoughts 

All the explained detail shows the seven reasons that make custom white boxes the best way for your product packaging. A white box builds your brand awareness, available in custom sizes, countless dimensions, and eco-friendly choices. Add to this; that white rigid boxes are best to give a decent look to your white packaging boxes. And the application of foiling on your white cardboard boxes makes them appealing and decent for your target customers. In short, the element of customization makes your product appealing and creative for your targeted consumers.