How Can You Make Perfect Custom Round Candle Boxes for Your Brand?

Want to increase your candle sales and brand reputation in the industry? Then, stay away from conventional premade or simple packaging boxes. Packaging designers introduce advanced and innovative packaging styles to make catchy and titillating candle packaging for their clients. So, here are some meticulous steps that you need to follow to make engaging custom round candle boxes to cover your candles. 

What Are Custom Round Candle Boxes?

As the name shows, such boxes are round in shape and available in multiple sizes. Moreover, brands can choose to implement the design on the packaging box as per their creativity. Round candle boxes look sleek and fetching to make your candles remarkable. Plus, these wonderful candle packagings become the right option for gifts purpose. 

Quality Material for Candle Boxes to Ensure Protection

The first step is the selection of the right cardstock that is durable and robust for outclass round candle boxes. Candle box manufacturers offer options to choose any cardstock that is flat in your packaging budget. In this regard, cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, and bux board material are perfect choices due to having nature friendly-qualities. Plus, you have the choice to pick the thickness of the material as per the need of product weight. 

Capable To Print Creative and Fascinating Artwork

Play with multiple elements and design aspects to create the fabulous artwork. Therefore, enticing visuals make your product aesthetic for your target customer. So, you use the enlisting design pattern to produce the gleeful and blatant custom round candle boxes to improve your brand growth. 

  • Intricate lines 
  • Floral pattern 
  • Abstract shapes 
  • Geometrical shapes 
  • Narrative design 
  • Color gradient 
  • Typeface design 
  • Black and white packaging design 
  • Flat illustration 

Add-on to Make Round Candle Box Look Opulent 

After choosing the design, now it’s time to make your candle boxes royal and swanky with add-ons. With time, packaging brands offer multiple effects and customized options that increase the worth of your product. For instance, they offer foil stamping, embossing, debossing, UV coating, lamination, and window die-cut. 

Moreover, foiling fills life in your candle boxes and makes them attention-seeking for your customers. Add to this; to enhance the protection of the product brand, use candle boxes with inserts to strongly place your candles. Plus, embossing and debossing on your candle boxes turn the customer’s eyeballs. 

Use of Embellishments to Uplift the Esthetic of Candles 

Cardboard and Kraft made rigid candle boxes look ritzy with appealing options. Moreover, you can insert more decorative things in your round candle boxes to make them amazing. For instance, you can add ribbon, flowers, laces, cords, beads, and glitter tapes to maximize their engaging look. 

Make Them Branded With Placing Logo on the Lid of the Box 

Recognizing your brand through packaging is a mandatory step for powerful branding and marketing. Hence, the brand prints its logo and name to identify its product to customers. Everyone prints the logo and brand name on product packaging, but the placement is considered to make your product desirable. So, when you print the logo and brand name on the lid of the box, make it more visible for your end-users. 

Ending Up Discussion 

The crux of the mentioned detail is to explain the process of making custom round candle boxes for your brand. So, choose quality material, size, design, add-on, and many more options to make them appealing to customers. Kraft-made rigid round candle packaging makes your product loveliness and luxurious. And brand logo offers authentication for your product and makes them trustworthy for target customers.