Value-adding packaging options for your custom tissue boxes

Why is it needed to add value to the tissue packaging?

Several reasons make it important for the tissue paper brand to use high-quality and robust packaging solutions. It has been proved that the tissue is one of the retail products, and it is also one of the daily use products. So, it’s always in demand, and the competition in the field is also very high. Every brand needs to pay full focus on making their tissues most presentable on the retail rugs, shelves, and counters. 

So, the custom tissue boxes provide such value-adding options to the tissue brands that make the display of the tissues more adorable on the retail rags. These tissue packaging solutions can change the fate of the tissue brands and help them to build their customer base instantly. 

This is the way of enticing the more and more audience. Ultimately it would escalate the sale of the tissues of a particular brand. So, the little investment would just pave the path to the success of the product.  

Use rigid material for the imperial outlook

The tables and dine-ins are always assuming incomplete without the elegant tissue boxes. So, the restaurant, hotels, and food kiosks always add impressive tissue boxes to their dining tables. However, they highly need tissues packed inside the royal-looking tissue cases. 

So, the rigid material is used to grant the imperial look to the tissue boxes. The cost of the rigid material is a bit more than the simple cardboard as these are different in thickness and construction. Still, all big brands use rigid tissue boxes to make a difference in the presentation of their dining areas. Therefore, to meet the competition in the market, it is essential to use custom rigid tissue boxes. 

There is another benison of using the custom tissue boxes with the rigid material, and it is the safety of the tissues. The tissues are just pieces of dedicated paper, and the little contact of moisture and water would make the tissues waste and spoil. So, the brands need a pack that protects the tissue papers from external moisture. 

Add logo with metallic shades

When you are going to display your tissues on the retail shelves at that time, the looks of the tissue products matter a lot; on the other hand, the tissue brands also need to do something to make their tissue products unforgettable. Due to this, when the customer comes again to shop, they would find tissues on the basis of their unforgettable packaging. 

So, the brands need custom-printed tissue boxes that contain specific logos, brand names, and other details that would make the tissue brands remembered by the audience. All this information helps the customers to find the tissue papers brand speedily among all other brands. 

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However, the brands use sharp colors and metallic shades for printing their brand names as well as logos on the tissue boxes. These shades are easy to remember, and they would also assist customers in recalling brand-related information. On the other hand, the gold and silver foil logos also look impressive and add value to the tissue box packaging. 

Go for unique shapes and styles

if you have a sound packaging material choice along with unforgettable packaging design and details, but your products are still not noticeable by the customers in the retail market, then you need to focus on the shape and style of the tissue boxes. The customization also allows customers to pick their custom tissue packaging box shape.

So, the brands are not bound to choose the rectangular shape box for the packaging of tissue papers. There is a lot of shaping options available for the clients like the pyramid shape, cuboid, round, hexagon, and many more. Just altering the shape would endow an amazing outlook on the custom tissue packaging. 

However, the customers are also free to select the shape of their custom tissue cases along with selecting the unique design, material, and text styles. When all things are added in single tissue packaging, then it would amazingly enhance the value of the product and brands and make it a top-list tissue selling brand. 

Annex the additional add-on in the end

In the end, when all the styling, designing, and basic decisions are taken, then the last thing that brands need to do is the addition of the final options. These options are designed by a few top brands like the city of packaging, which makes your tissue boxes a step ahead of the competitors. These options are designed to enhance the outer look and protection both. 

Here are a few add-ons that would create a mesmerizing effect while unboxing the tissue packs. 

  • The use of the glossy as well as matte coating.
  • Use of inserts and inside printing of the boxes
  • Stamp foiling options for logos, brand names, and taglines
  •  Application of the UV coatings and lamination to make the packaging heat resistant and moisture-free. 

All these things just added the worth to the ordinary packaging boxes and made them more interesting not only for the clients but also for the users and customers. On the other hand, these options would exaggerate the presentation value of the products packed inside. Therefore, the retailers display such products in front places, and it would ultimately enhance the sale of the products.  

Final words

The options and designing techniques that are discussed above would just double the impact of the tissue selling brand. However, these options are a little costly, but the escalation of sale volume would manage the cost effect. In addition to this, the brands would also get the quantity discounts if they select the custom tissue boxes wholesale. You are also required to choose a packaging brand that would offer free shipment and design facilities. In this way, the other costs would also reduce, and the tissue packaging would become affordable for you.