6 Amazing Tips to Make Your Brand Look Marvelous with Custom Tealight Candle Boxes

Tealight candle manufacturers need proper attention due to multiple protection factors. Such candles are filled in plastic and metal jar, so manufacturers need to pack them in secure boxes that save the candle from melting, de-shaping, and other damaging effects. Also, it safe your candle's fragrances from vanishing. Therefore, brands need tealight candle boxes that are durable, robust, and sturdier to pack your fragile tealight candles. In this regard, you essential to use custom tealight candle boxes that offer countless options to make accurate packaging for your product. This article suggests some tips that are beneficial to make your tealight packaging boxes adorable and catchier. 

Place Logo on Your Custom printed Tealight Boxes 

The logo is the only thing that makes your brand word of mouth and recognition for your target customers. Due to this, if you want to look your brand marvelous through packaging, then make it identical to the brand logo and name. Moreover, you need to decide meaningful logo and catchy font style for your custom tealight candle boxes to ensure the readability to convey your brand message. Thus, you have the option to use the logo for your tealight candle packaging from the enlisting points. 

  • Abstract logo 
  • Letter based logo 
  • Word-based logo 
  • The emblem logo 
  • Combination mark logo 
  • Pictorial logo 

Don't Ignore the Uniqueness of Font Style for Your Tealight Boxes 

Now it's time to choose a unique font style for your tealight candle packaging box. Packaging designers of versatile, unique fonts to make your product adorable helps you in positive communication with your audiences to provide readability. However, if you copy other brand fonts style, it creates copyrighted claims issues for you and decreases the value of your product. Some major types of fonts are enlisted below; you have the option to choose according to them. 

  • Serif fonts 
  • Sanserif fonts 
  • Script fonts 
  • Slab serif fonts 
  • Display fonts 
  • Decorative fonts 

Go for Bold and Earthy Tones for Your Candle Tealight Boxes 

Stop using simple white tealight candle boxes; it is too common. Play with colors to make catchy and engaging eco-friendly tea light packaging for your customers. Thus, you can use light pastels, muted shades, citrus hues, and nude colors. But the magic of bold and earthy tones is just awesome to make your tealight candle boxes. Plus, using colors wisely can convey your brand message to your end-users. Like if you choose eco-friendly candles and their packaging, you can print with brown and green hues to show suitable solutions. Some options are enlisted below. 

  • Rosy Brown
  • Maroon 
  • Oranges 
  • Yellow-green 
  • Dark olive green 
  • Saddle Brown 
  • Brown 
  • Sienna 

Use Abstract Shapes and Quirkyy Design for Tealight Candle 

 Print abstract shapes and designs to make your tealight candle boxes ritzy. Also, you can play with narrative design, geometrical shapes, color gradients, floral patterns, and 3D design to make your tealight candles fabulous and perfect for your customers. The abstract design is interpretable as per the individual context, so everyone understands them as per their needs. 

Focus on Alluring Tealight Candle Display Packaging 

If you want to boost your sales and customer engagement, thus you need to choose amazing tealight candle boxes. Packaging designers come with multiple options that relate to artwork, styles, and shapes to craft your tealight candle cartons. Moreover, the insertion of PVC window patches on the packaging is the spellbound choice for clear tealight candle boxes for your brand growth. Manufacturers use different box styles to create entrancing candle boxes; some are mentioned below for your information. 

  • Sleeve box
  • Pillow-shaped boxes 
  • Flip-top boxes 
  • Five-panel hanger boxes 
  • Four corners with display lid 

Embellishment to Make Tealight Candles Magnificent 

 Now it's time to add decorative material to give your tealight candle boxes a prestigious look. Tealight candle sellers offer ribbons, personalized cards, flowers, and many more options to make them accurate for gifting purposes. So, choose the right option to make tealight boxes packaging that grasps your customers' attention and conveniently fits your packaging budget. 

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Summarizing Up Explain Discussion 

The gist of the discussion above explains the tips that you need to know if you want to grab your customer's attention and boost your sales. Moreover, you need to use appealing and premium-quality material, creative artwork, add-ons, print motivational content, unique font style, logo, and catchy display of your custom tealight candle boxes according to your demand. All mentioned things play their role in constructing perfect tealight candle boxes.